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therapy d treatment of lymphatic edema


Primary lymphedema is due to salt intoxication.
Just make the traditional food interrogation to realize that the patient with lymphedema had excessive salt consumption throughout his life and sometimes an early age: nuggets, chips.

The excess salt in the body, but not remarkable in blood corrodes and burns causing leakage of lymph, thus producing the fibrous appearance, and nodules.


1 - TREATMENT: (therapy)


Salt diet or slow salt (it's vital to reduce consequently salt consumption.

Drink a lot of  water, which permit a cure and remove excess salt in the urine and whitch make desapear lymph fiber and lymph nodules.
The authorized amount is 9 L. But if you drink less than this amount, the recovery will be slower, but much slower effective. It seems difficult for those who are not accustomed to drink plenty of water, but it's just a matter of habit, start at the beginning with what you can drink, and increase little by little.

I lost 2 cm of deformation on the outside of the thigh above the knee in 5 days with this therapy. It is indeed the characteristic deformation of lymphedema, which is produced by the thickness formed by the lymphatic fiber.

It is best to drink eg 9 liter one day, and two or three liters the second day rather than 5 liters per day over two days, the therapeutic effects are very different, with a very satisfactory result and visible the eye naked, whereas the absorption of 5 liters there is a delicate little progress, but much less important, somewhat low compared.

We can consider considerably accelerate the healing process by increasing the volume of water and monitoring the nathrémie.

The diuretic furosemide is not recommended because of known side effects alone, mostly in the long term, so it is still better to drink water.



- Rest, avoid walking that has just the effect of increasing the size of the nodules (red hard and bitter, well-known from patients of lymphedema)
Rest reduces the size of the nodules, until their disappearance.

- Elevate the legs during sleep.

- Daytime avoid standing (obviously) and sitting, the best position is lying down (rest bedrest).

- Stockings class 2 or 3, preferably, has put even in the presence of nodes.

- Use a powerful venous tonic that will bring more mobility with advanced lymphedema, mostly at the stage of the deformation stage when  nodules occur spontaneously, even with rest. At this stage, treatment add to rest.



Primary lymphedema (or primitive) is an abnormality of the lymphatic system responsible for an increase in volume of a body part that appears swollen (edema) due to the abnormal accumulation of lymph, mainly in the tissues. Apparitions of nodules (kinds of hot and stinging litle red balls with burning sensation), fibrous appearance, and then strain especially of the lower limbs (but can affect other parts of the body).


This information is to consult a rough guide,
WE disclaim all liability in respect to such information.
This information can in no way replace the advice of a competent physician.
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